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Wed, Feb. 12th, 2014, 01:54 pm
is this the end of the beginning?

or the beginning of the end? I love Ozzy lyrics so much! it's been a crazy week here in seattle in review the seahawks win the super bowl for the first time ever, a million people pack into downtown seattle on a beautiful day and stop traffic, productivity for hours. it's awesome to see that kind of support. Once in a lifetime i would say, wish my dad were alive to see it (although i know he was so happy in spirit!)
In super exciting news, im going to Disneyworld florida next month! my girlfriend K is going to be attending a conference and invited me to tag along, and the best part is i get to just relax, and read, enjoy the sun!
And i desperately am needing some warm temps and sunshine. I feel this winter is starting to depress me and thats hard to deal with once it starts.
Im taking tomorrow off and going to see the Lego movie with Jeff.