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Tue, Apr. 8th, 2014, 01:25 pm
and in the summer we shall...

So this week is going to be relaxing and normal (!) compared to the last month of crazy, traveling, packing and moving, teaching kids how to drive, etc; i am so ready to chill with the kittens and watch some good tv, build some Lego, spring clean the babe-pad. Last night I started to watch 'Bates Motel' which is quite good, i can tell its shot in BC Canada, and i like that about it. Its a good one so far, only watched 3 episodes. Ive been catching up on the Walking Dead, which may be one of the best shows ever... (mind you i love zombies and survival horror) and playing some good old PS3 too.
The weather is finally starting to improve here so i can get my cars clean and have some fun with the charger now that the sun is still out when i get home from work!
I'm working on some plans for the summer today since i have the eagle vision to do so. Going to Roslyn for a day at least, in early June to explore, look at the town and have a drink at the Brick. I'm wanting to go to San Francisco again soon, maybe in july? it will be hot but oh so nice. I know that the legal weed stores here in WA open in July too, so am planning some kind of weed/bakery tour of the eastern half of this state with the Empress... Summer is almost here!