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Thu, Jun. 5th, 2014, 01:04 pm
Mothers day - I am done with you!

Well most everything has been fucked up lately. Ever since mothers day i have been fighting with K (or not fighting actually, as ive been getting the silent treatment) up until yesterday when i finally got a reply to the million notes i sent, but said she was too busy to talk, will call later... which turned out was still too busy... but i digress, i have been feeling sad and broken without her, like that part of me died. I got kicked out of her place on may 7 before moms day as she was upset that i was going to see my mom on her day - sunday. She was invited to come along, but this wasn't good enough for her as (i think) she expected me to wait on her all day. I don't understand that at all, and i told her she wasn't my mom and i needed to go see mine. SO, she insulted me over and over again. I told her i am sorry and i am going to go until you are more sensible. She sent me some more hateful notes when i got home, but said she was 'done' with me (she has said this before) so i felt really awful, tried to apologize, was still really upset and hurt... and this has gone on now for almost a month. I try to talk with her everyday. miss her like crazy.