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Wed, Nov. 12th, 2014, 10:13 am
SF and OKC

New day, different feelings, different thoughts. So I went to San Francisco over the weekend. It was awesome, I stayed with Cynthia. We had so much fun, I ate my way across the city and into Berkeley. It was so warm and pretty i cant wait to return. I got back Monday night.
Last week before I left, I started talking to this wonderful woman named Robin. She is a PI and lives in renton. We wrote for a couple days straight and talked on the phone. I was in stars. I wanted to meet up with her on thursday night at nectar.. i had plans with J and Lisa to see Wax Tailor... so she had to go to portland all of a sudden so I missed her. And she had said that we could meet up this week when I return... only thing is she wont reply to me anymore. And she took down her OKC profile... so I am sad. I really wanted to meet her.
on the bright side, I did get a note from Ellie May on Monday night! she said she was sick and her father passed away is why I didnt get to see her and didnt get replies for 5 weeks!!! FIVE.
I am feeling like this dating BS is just that. I really want to have a good relationship, and its SO HARD to meet someone nice with integrity. It makes me feel crazy.