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Thu, Jan. 15th, 2015, 08:43 am
Houses of the Holy

I can't remember a time before where I was anxiously awaiting the sun rising earlier and summer. This winter hasn't been terrible, I don't understand. At least I have some things in the near future to look forward to; Hawaii for one. Burning Man for another.
Anyway, tonight will be exceptional; I'm going to Ill-Esha with Jeff and Lisa.
we can watch the white doves go...
Hawaii.. oh my, it's going to be such an adventure with Laura. I can only imagine what her place is like. What I'm most excited with is exploring the island with her, although she is likely familiar with most of it. Maybe I can find something that is new to her? it is only 36 days away.
It's another day at work, almost to 25 years.