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Mon, Jan. 19th, 2015, 11:45 am
No doubt that miracles happen.

I witnessed a miracle yesterday; Seahawks putting 15 pts up in 44 seconds- Lightning! then to win in OT. I was screaming and crying with mom, it was amazing! I still can't believe it that we are going to the big dance again in February. Cried and cried tears of joy. I am not even the biggest football fan; the seahawks over the past 2 years have become everyone's favorite, girls included. I can't recall ever seeing so many girls at the games or at the bars cheering them on. Its a miracle.
This was such a great weekend! I went to lunch with Rachel on Saturday at the Tasters wok and discovered that she is also trans! i am so surprised that I hadn't figured that out before. I gained a really wonderful friend and support system by meeting her. I am grateful to OK cupid (again) for bringing positive change for my life, in spades. She is so lucky, was able to keep her wife and her wife is training to do electrolysis for her. I had those dreams with Tracy, I will always wish that it had worked out for us.
Anyway, its too late for that, and I have more wonderful friends in my life now that I would not have ever had if I would have stayed with Tracy. I would not have ever met Laura... oh I can hardly wait to see Laura again.
also I am getting my Burning Man tickets in the next month! woot!