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Thu, Dec. 5th, 2013, 12:36 pm
who is this?

what is the deal with so many black girls hitting me up on zoosk? i must be a black chick ideal in some way... weirdness. It cracks me up sometimes.
So this has been a crazy month! so busy doing something most everyday, and too much work not enough play as jack torrance would say. I love that movie by the way.
Thanksgiving was pretty much ideal this year. K took her and the kids to oregon and i got to stay home and work, party with jeff, do solo things around the house and smoke a lot of weed, play a lot of GTA.
At least i feel i got it out of my system for awhile; until christmas break.
K has been pretty nice to me the past couple weeks. I did tell her that i didnt appreciate our relationship being judged every goddamned day like im on hells kitchen or something. i always feel like im going to get kicked out whenever i get into bed with her, its a phobia. i would like for that to stop and told her it needs to for at least, i dont know, forever?
if she wants to be my girl that is.
and I've been watching a boat load of Doctor Who again because it makes my brain feel good when i do.
So tonight I'm taking it easy, J is coming up after work and we are going to BobaKhan to look at the new superhero toys and maybe get more lego figures. its a good plan. we will get super baked and listen to comedy bang-bang makes for a perfect afternoon.

Fri, Dec. 6th, 2013 02:53 am (UTC)

I love that movie too :D